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Ranging from 60 to 90 minutes in duration, they're thoughtfully designed to suit your unique needs and can be fully customized to ensure an enriching experience for your team.

Mindful Group Sound Meditation
Mindful Group
Sound Meditation

Discover the power of sound as it unites your team, promoting a harmonious and collaborative work environment. Elevate your workplace culture with the soothing vibrations of sound meditation. Join us on a journey towards inner peace, balance, and ultimate well-being.
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Team Building and Collaboration
Team Building and

Through mindfulness-based activities, we foster collaboration, instill a sense of unity, and ignite a spirit of productivity among team members. Uncover the potential of a synchronized, harmonious team capable of propelling your organization to unprecedented success.
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Stress Reduction and Relaxation
Stress Reduction and

Tailored for the workplace, this transformative mindfulness-based experience creates a serene space for your team to relax, rejuvenate, and effectively reduce stress. The result is a healthier, harmonious, and more productive work environment, where employees thrive.
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Gayatri Singh

Gayatri Singh

Founder, Holistic Health Coach

Gayatri's a certified mindful meditation coach and a sound healer based out of Mumbai. Gmantra is Gayatri's brainchild and she has a vision of making meditation accessible to every individual in a simple and efficient way.
Web: www.gayatrisingh.com

Shravan Singh

Shravan Singh

Co-Founder, Head of Creative

Shravan is a trained filmmaker and a design expert and looks after the branding & marketing of Gmantra, be it social media marketing, video production or event management. he's the hands-on man.
Web: www.shravansingh.com


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